Saturday, February 27, 2010

Which are the best digimon world online game that are free?

Hello everyone again,today i am going to write my opinion again about digimon online game that is available in the web that is free of charge or should i say that these games is free to play.

I do some research recently and i found that there are quite a few digimon world online game.However,in my opinion almost all of them are not a good digimon game because for example girlgamezone this website provide digimon adventure online games for free but the graphics and the gameplay should i say did not look like a digimon games to me.

I also came across digimon saga the digimon fight game online from byond though this digimon game should i say is better than girlgamezone digimon game but it still lack of graphic plus also sound which i think this game should be improved.

Overall in my own opinion this is the best digimon world online game is Digimon RPG and Masters Online.It has a good graphics plus gameplay too.It allows you to build clans or guild and maps to quest which i think it is also the best digimon online rpg too.

Although this Digimon RPG and Masters Online originally is in korean language but now it comes english patch for non korean users too.

Recently i just upload this digimon fight game online (what i mean is Digimon RPG and Masters Online) to another download mirror because i found out the download mirror is quite unstable and i decided to upload and share to all my readers and i really hope this will help you to get a copy of virtually the best digimon game that available online for free.Below are the download links:

I have to separate this file for easier download and upload sorry of any inconvenience also you need a winrar to unzip these file.


Next are the download links for english patch for this game please take note after you download this english patch unzip it with winrar and please read the text document or notepad that stated "how to install" first do not do anything before you read it.

I really hope you download this digimon game and enjoy playing it.Have a nice day.

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